iPhone 5 Unboxing

How I got 350,000 People to hate me in a Week

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*Update: This Video Currently has 4,789,761 Views in a Year.

If you ever want to piss off a lot of people just pretend that you have something from Apple that isn’t even out yet.

All we did was put some Vinyl on a iPhone 4 Box, Put a ZAGGskin on a iPod Touch and Filmed me unboxing it.

We expected the response of the people to be negative, but we didn’t realize just how negative they would be.

You would have thought I posted a video of me beating up an old lady.  They were livid.


This video was definatley a success.  Within a week it had 350,000 views and recieved 42 Honors on Youtube, including the most viewed video in Hong Kong and Italy and many others.

It brought 25,000 Clicks to the ZAGG website along with many orders of people buying product off ZAGG.com

You need to watch this video:Real iPhone 5 Unboxing?.  Make sure you read the comments, they’re hilarious.

Here’s a Preview:  “Fake and Gay”  “Gay and Fake”  “Fay, which is Gay and Fake”

Real iPhone 5 Unboxing?

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